Archive of Community Care Newsletters

February 10th, 2016 by Claire Halas

Please find below the past editions of the Community Care Newsletters.

December 2014 – Articles in this edition;

  • Cheshire West revisited: Rochdale MBC v KW : Andrew Sharland
  • A human right to community care: McDonald v UK : Rupert Paines
  • Determining a reasonable price for care where there is no agreement: Abbeyfield : Nigel Giffin QC
  • Leicester’s care home closure is declared lawful: Karia : Hannah Slarks
  • Eligibility for Continuing Health Care: Dennison : Christopher Knight

May 2014 – Articles in this edition;

  • The Last Care Bill Update… : Joanne Clement
  • The Supreme Court on Deprivation of Liberty in Cheshire West : The Editors
  • Ordinary residence and where parents live: Cornwall Council : Andrew Sharland
  • Consulting nearest relatives and “reasonable practicability”: TW : Charles Bourne QC
  • Disclosure in the CoP: RC : Tom Cross
  • Home is Where the ‘Only or Main’ Heart Is: Walford : Christopher Knight
  • Support for asylum seekers: Refugee Action : Rachel Kamm
  • The honest broker and the looked after child: KS : Hannah Slarks

January 2014 – Articles in this edition;

  • Update on the Care Bill : Joanne Clement
  • New guidance on Ordinary residence : Nigel Giffin QC
  • Care home fees: Northumberland : Elisabeth Laing QC
  • Welfare of children outside local authority areas: R (J) v Worcestershire : Rupert Paines
  • Happiness vs health: Re M (Best Interests: DoL) : Hannah Slarks
  • JR challenges to subsequent decisions: Bhatti : Charles Bourne QC
  • University applications and corporate parenting under section 23C: Nfuni : Christopher Knight
  • Accommodating extended family members pursuant to s 17 (3): MK : Andrew Sharland
  • MCA or MHA? AM v SLAM : Rachel Kamm

October 2013 – Articles in this edition;

  • Update on the Care Bill : Joanne Clement
  • Revisions to “CRAG” and “FCP” : Elisabeth Laing QC
  • Section 17 children in need: LB Newhamand Essex CC : Andrew Sharland
  • Care home fee levels unreasonable: South Tyneside Care Home Owners Association : Charles Bourne QC
  • Public sector equality duty: Worcestershire : Hannah Slarks
  • Assessments by local authorities of former relevant children in prison with pending
  • Parole Board hearing: Tower Hamlets LBC and London Probation Trust : Paul Greatorex
  • Age Assessments: AA (Afghanistan) : Holly Stout
  • Local authority grants in relation to educational expenses: Kebede : Rachel Kamm
  • Payments to foster carers: Tower Hamlets : Tom Cross
  • Reviews of Detention under the Mental Health Act: Modaresi : Christopher Knight

June 2013 – Articles in this edition;

  • Fundamental changes to social care provision: Care Bill : Joanne Clement
  • Person “in need of care and attention” which is “not otherwise available to them”: SL : Jane Oldham
  • Mental health after-care services: Afework : Hannah Slarks
  • Support pending an immigration appeal and Clue: MN : Andrew Sharland
  • Conflicting judgments on who is former relevant child: R and GE : Christopher Knight
  • Tuition fees for former relevant children: Kebede : Tom Cross

March 2013 – Articles in this edition;

  • Ordinary residence and Ex p. Vale: Cornwall : Andrew Sharland
  • Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards and Article 8: J Council : Hannah Slarks
  • Care Home Fees: Care North East Northumberland : Tom Cross
  • Support pending an immigration appeal and Clue: KA : Joanne Clement
  • Transfer of a care home by a private provider: Chatting : Elisabeth Laing QC and Christopher Knight


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