Imminent Green Paper on social care is promised

May 8th, 2019 by Hannah Slarks

A House of Commons library briefing paper says that a Green Paper on social care in England is “expected”.

In July 2015, the Government decided to postpone the introduction of a cap on lifetime social care charges.  Following on from this, in March 2017, the Government announced that it would publish a Green Paper on social care.  In the subsequent general election, the Conservative Party made a manifesto commitment to introduce the Green Paper.  It also made a number of pledges as to how individuals would pay for their care.

The green paper was due in summer 2017.  However, keen observers of this Government may have noticed that it has achieved jack all in any policy area since that time.  It has been somewhat pre-occupied.

The briefing paper now says that publication is anticipated at the “earliest opportunity”, while politely noting that we have all heard that kind of talk before.

A number of policy ideas have reportedly been under consideration for inclusion in the Green Paper, such as:

  • a more generous means-test;
  • a cap on lifetime social care charges;
  • an insurance and contribution model;
  • a Care ISA; and
  • tax-free withdrawals from pension pots.

Other topics that the Government have said will be included are integration with health and other services, carers, workforce, and technological developments, among others.

Hannah Slarks

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