Age assessment and fair litigation procedure

May 3rd, 2016 by Peter Oldham QC

The Court of Appeal handed down an interesting and wide-reaching judgment last week (26th April 2016) in LB Croydon v Y [2016] EWCA 398. It directly concerns age assessment cases, but the principles enunciated apply to all litigation, private and public.

Y was an asylum seeker who was assessed by LB Croydon for social services needs.  He was assessed as being over 18.  He brought a judicial review age assessment challenge.  The Upper Tribunal  gave directions listing the case for a 4 day hearing.   Five months later, Croydon applied to the UT for an order that the claim should be struck out or stayed unless Y consented to and co-operated fully with (1) a dental examination (including a dental X-ray), (2) a psychiatric examination and (3) an age assessment by two Croydon social workers. Read more »